Vol. 2, 2012


  1. Andrzej K. Kuropatnicki (Cracow)
    The well-balanced diet in England in the Late Middle Ages and at the beginning of the Modern Period
  2. Hanna Węgrzynek (Warsaw)
    The Catholic Church and the Jews in the Kraków Diocese during the Sixteenth Century
  3. Jarosław Kłaczkow (Toruń)
    The Polish Lutheran press in the Polish lands (19th-21st c.)
  4. Mariusz Wołos (Cracow)
    The Soviet diplomacy with regard to Józef Piłsudski's coup d'état of 1926
  5. Marek Sioma (Lublin)
    The dispute around national consolidation during the war menace period (1938-1939)
  6. Anna Zapalec (Cracow)
    Memoirs of Siberian deportees as a historical source in the research on the process of deporting Polish citizens deep into the USSR (1940-1941)